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It's really not that cool to smell. Iffy, we mean. It's not cool to smell like you're a person that's not dateworthy, or that you just came back from a visit to the zoo. Especially for Valentine's Day. Please, don't do it. The science of smell is so linked to memory, and that's one of the reasons why so many researchers labor away to discover the new magical molecule that will make you smell like a McSteamy or Mrs. McDreamy. If you want to impress your significant other, your beau or even the girl next door that smiles as beautifully as Julia Roberts, then we've got the ultimate fragrance gift guide for you. Guaranteed to knock their socks off. FOR THE SENSUOUS WOMAN (OR MAN) Natori Perfumed Candle ($75) Natori Scented Candle This is a dream candle, for all you dreamers and lovers out there. Created by Caroline Sabas, Natori's candle is completely feminine with florals and a hint of mystery: rose petals, and dark plum notes. You'll notice the satin musk in this candle as it floats through the air -- a perfect prelude for your Valentine's Day evening! Natori Silk Body Cream There is a complementary Silk Body Cream that goes along with this and it is a study in deliciousness. It will leave the body immersed in mysterious Natori notes. Even the most stoic man or woman would say, "TAKE ME" after they applied this. Fracas by Robert Piguet ($95) Fracas by Robert Piguet Although the name means "brawl" in English, if there's anything "brawl-worthy" about this fragrance, it would be if it's stolen from your vanity. This fragrance brims with audacious, sexy notes of tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley, sandalwood and musk. Think essential Parisienne style: for a sensuous Coco Chanel you're dating perhaps, or a Julia Ormond who has a sure sense of self worth. FOR THE YOGA BUNNY Sacred Glo Candles ($24.99) For the woman who loves to do her downward facing dog (now get your mind out of the gutter!), the candles from Sacred Glo make a great, peaceful gift. They are all natural, and we recommend a very calming, mind-clearing candle called Sacred Clarity which is made of pure, natural soybean oils, shea butter and infused with lavender and rose oils. Sacred Clarity Candle Once the candle melts the oils, you can even dip your fingers into the pool of oils and anoint a little area of your temples or pulse points to really inhale the aroma. INHALE this scent, breathe and be at peace!