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We’ve all shared that really pesky problem of chipped nails. It seems that no matter what, nail polish just can’t stay on past a few days (the same duration as your average salon hairstyle). And no girl just wants to keep doling out her hard-earned dollars to the manicurist only to see her hard work disappear quicker than the blink of an eye. Well, say hello to CND’s Shellac, the first Hybrid Nail Color. This product applies like polish, and stays on beautifully for as long as 14 days. SERIOUSLY! 14 days, which makes it perhaps the longest lasting polish on the planet, unless the martians have discovered one themselves. The shellac paints on like real polish, and has a base coat and a top coat that cures in a UV light setting so that there is absolutely no drying time. I was very fortunate to speak to Jan Arnold, the co-founder of CND, who said that the R&D process for this nail lacquer was five years. And this is a glory song for all housewives out there - who do the dishes and keep the house sparkling clean while wanting something totally chip free.