Make Your Home a Smart Home with advice from tech guru Carley Knobloch

Make Your Home a Smart Home with advice from tech guru Carley Knobloch

Want to know how to make your home a “Smart Home”? You need to turn to consumer tech expert Carley Knobloch who frequently appears on HGTV to share the latest and greatest in tech. She recently took a tour of the Intel and Amazon Smart Life Roadshow when they were at CEDIA in San Diego. It’s a trailer set-up to showcase the latest in Smart Home gadgets from both Intel and Amazon. You don’t get to just see the Smart Home Tech on display – you get to try it out! Tune into Carley’s That’s One Smart Trailer Youtube video to see her experience!

Here’s a highlight of Carley’s takeaways from visiting the Smart Life Roadshow:

Which Smart Home products do you want to get the most? 

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