New Year’s Beauty Resolutions: Being Brow-worthy & Best Eyebrow Kits

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions: Being Brow-worthy & Best Eyebrow Kits

We all have our beauty resolutions, right? One of ours is to ensure that 2012 will be the year where we devote energies to just about every beauty facet of our body….especially the jungle that are the eyebrows.

Finding the perfect brow look for you needn’t be difficult. Brows today are natural with just a slight hint of an arch. The easiest kits combine powder, brushes, tweezers and tools to keep your brows from becoming your “arch-enemy” and to give your eyes a well- groomed look.
Gone are the days of the drawn-on brow, the harsh pencils of the forties that screen legends once had. They have been replaced with a soft blended look. Here, we look into the brands that are both pretty and practical along with being the best bargain for your money.

Le Sourcil de Chanel

Le Sourcil De Chanel : This palm-sized eyebrow compact comes with its own brush, brow groomer and tweezers along with three colors of brow powder all in the iconic black and white case. $65.00.

Sephora Arch it Eyebrows Kit
Sephora’s “Arch It Brow Kit”: This kits comes with just about all the tools you need for a perfect arch: stencils, brushes, color, tweezers, clear brow mascara and more. We think it’s a bargain at $35 compared to some of the other more expensive kits out there.

Urban Decay Eye Brow Kit

Urban Decay: has a palm sized compact with mini tweezers, and two shades of brow powder to blend together for the perfect color; a hidden drawer holds wax to keep your brows pretty throughout the day and the price will make you smile. This one is going in my makeup bag…. The reason? There are four different compacts to choose from! Honey Pot (blonde), Gingersnap (auburn), Beige Betty (medium ash brown), and Brown Sugar (dark brown). $29.

Anastasia The Brow Kit
Anastasia’s “The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes”: is the ultimate brow kit. This deluxe kit is fit for monarchy, and contains a Cooling Eye Brightener, a delicate cream-serum hybrid that helps to cool, tone, soften, and de-puff around the eye area, especially after tweezing. It also features the Mini Lash Lifting Mascara along with the original brow items, Brow Powder Duo, Stencils, Precision Tweezers, Clear Brow Gel, Matte Camille Highlighter, and a DVD and Instruction Guide. Use these professional tools to shape a pair of gorgeous arches that highlight your face beautifully, or to maintain your salon brow at home. $75.

Elke Von Freudenberg Nite-Brow

Elke Von Freudenberg’s  “The Model Brow” Glam Nite-Brow Shadows: Who says shadows are only reserved for your eyelids? Elke’s “brow” shadows deliver that extra grooming and sparkle only reserved for the glossies. We love the glam look you get with the Nite-Brow shadow, $20.

Want to know where brows should start and end? Make a “V” with your fingers place next to your nose. It’s that easy! Keep things “shape-worthy” this year.

Elaine Hamilton

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Ron Robinson
  • Andrea
    Posted at 14:54h, 03 January

    I always share on my FB! I have the most unruly eyebrows. I would love to have something that will help me arch better and use the proper colors. Great Products~I would just love it and appreciate it very much. ~Cheers

  • Amoni B
    Posted at 03:04h, 02 January

    i never tried doing my eyebrows, i never got them cut them or anything, though a took a lil off by mistake while doing my hairline, but i think im going to try using a stencil.. youtube here i come to see some how-to’s lol

  • JP Evans
    Posted at 22:56h, 04 January

    Need unruly, crazy eyebrow assist! Over plucked at the ends and maybe over trimmed in the length. HELP! I’d love to win one of these brow kits!

  • Darla
    Posted at 09:32h, 03 January

    At only $8-$12 for a decent wax at the salon, plus some social time away from home, I think I’ll stick to the salon. If someone else messes up I get freebies. If I mess up I have to fess up. I’d rather put it in someone else’s hands. Plus, if you have a Merle Norman nearby, you can go in and get your makeup professionally done with great products everyday if you want and get free samples too! Especially if you make friends with the employee/owner or have a friend that spends a lot of money there!

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