Benefit Velvet Eye Shadows for Spring 2010

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadows for Spring 2010

We’ve used the silky Benefit Velvet Eye Shadows before, but there are six spanking new powder shades for Spring 2010: Bo Peep, which is a dusky rose color, Buns (which reminds us of strawberry); Fancy Pansy (a lilac or lavender color); Mermaid (a beautiful, completely swoon-worthy green); Nice Melons (the name is pretty self explanatory); and Shamrocker (for all you Irish fanatics out there).

Benefit Velvet Shadows 2010

These shades glide on so easily and the powdery finish leaves a very subtle silken shimmer on your eyes, not unlike stardust bits. The reason I love them is because the pigments are deep and rich and stay well on my skin tones. I really hate eyeshadow that washes away after a few seconds because the reapplication time is highly irksome.

Pair this eyeshadow with a killer gel eyeliner (like Maybelline’s new Eye Studio liner) and you’ll be well on your way to glam – and we mean SERIOUSLY GLAM – eyes.

Go snag these velvety beauties NOW at your Benefit Counter for $18.



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