Weather or Not: Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 Humidity Defying Hairspray Review

Weather or Not: Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 Humidity Defying Hairspray Review

Gone are the days when hair spray meant boatloads of AquaNet coating beehives and bouffants along the Jersey Shore. Sure, we still have Snooki to think about, but everyday women need a little something to hold their ‘dos in place too.

So when we got our paws on a bottle of Suave Weather Protection 365 Humidity Defying Hairspray, we immediately imagined clouds of hairspray with a toxic smell. While we were pleasantly surprised that Suave didn’t have a gassy odor like many drug store brands, I wanted it to have a tad bit more staying power like products from John Frieda or Pantene Pro-V. Humidity-defying is great, but alas, my hair did not stay in place as long as I wanted it to.

The product retails for $3.99 in your local drugstore. For more information, visit



  • WendyR
    Posted at 14:49h, 23 March

    I found a a wonderful hairspray with great hold – its the Shielo Volume Hairspray (Flexible Hold) . It’s does wonders if you flip your head over and spray at the roots. However, it will leave your hair a little hard unless you work it through a little bit. Even holds in high humidity.. I’m in Houston and it doesn’t get much more humid than here!!!

  • gAIL
    Posted at 19:24h, 25 June

    i LIKE THIS HAIRSPRAY….BUT i AM NOW UNABLE TO FIND IT IN MY AREA?? i LIVE IN BELMONT, NC 28012…..near Gastonia, NC. I have been buying the hairspray at Dollar General. … They do not carry it now. can you tell me where I can buy it?

    Thank You,


  • Gwenyth
    Posted at 07:49h, 10 November

    Best hair spray I ever used is the Shielo Volume Flexible Hairspray. Leaves hair soft. Best of all, in rain or humid weather, hair is not hard, sticky or weighed-down.

  • BritneyS
    Posted at 04:08h, 26 January

    I have only used Shielo’s Volume Hairspray for one day, but I am already in love! The scent is so great. I also have purchased the Shielo Volume Bounce Creme in the identical scent and it smells so amazing that I can’t wait to use it!

    I can spray it exactly where I want it on my head. With a lot of hairsprays, you kind of spray it in the general direction of where you want to place it and just hope and pray it goes in the area you need it – but half of it ends up falling to the ground before it reaches your hair. THis hairspray, however, has a lot of force behind it and you can easily spray it exactly where you want it. I was very impressed with this.

    It also has fabulous holding power – I sprayed one area that I wanted to add volume to, and it completely did not move. Such a great hairspray. And really it doesn’t seem very “crunchy”, which is good.

  • Ellie H
    Posted at 16:39h, 14 November

    I still havent even seen the hairspray in the stores.

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