GIVEAWAY, Review, Ingredients, Shades: John Frieda Precision Hair Colour Foam

GIVEAWAY, Review, Ingredients, Shades: John Frieda Precision Hair Colour Foam

We recessionistas are always looking for more ways to do our beauty upkeep at home, right? From manicures to pedicures, and especially hair coloring — as this can be quite a pricey proposition if you add up all the touch-ups and maintenance visits to the salon.
We’ve reviewed all types of hair color products on the market from Clairol Advanced Grey Solution to the very popular L’Oreal Sublime Hair Color Mousse.
Review, Shades: John Frieda Precision Hair Colour Foam
Enter a new form of hair color from John Frieda, Precision Color Foam.  This product claims to be a groundbreaking, non-drip foam formula that spreads easily into your roots and those hard-to-reach places for exact, all-over 100% grey coverage.  This results in salon-precise professional coverage for flawless, natural looking color results in the comfort of your own home.
Review, Shades: John Frieda Precision Hair Colour Foam
Can this really be true? Does the fact that this formula is a non-drip foam formula actually give you salon results?
We reached out to hair color expert, Helen of to give her perspective on this.  She says that during application, consumers may make “overlapping mistakes” and that “not knowing how much is too much can cause damage to the health of the hair.” To prevent this, she recommends that you “get help with the application process from a friend – having the help of someone during the parting process and corresponding application process will maximize the outcome of the at-home color process.”

We do like the fact that this product has a conditioning step that helps to condition the hair. The product contains Orbignya Oleifera Oil and Oryza Sativa Bran Oil (aka Rice Bran oil).  They are both natural oils that are rich in fatty acids that can help nourish and hydrate the hair. And it contains Quaternium-91, an ingredient that helps to soften, condition and add shine.

For last minute hair color tips, we asked expert Toni Love of to help us.  She says “be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions BEFORE applying hair color.  And always use gloves and a base cream to protect the skin.”
Plus check out the latest hair trends, Ombre Color Streaming, Hair Feather Extensions and Hair Crimping.

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  • Miranda
    Posted at 00:18h, 23 July

    So I normally get highlights at a salon, never done any at home but being really broke and I got a free coupon so i figured why not . I have fairly dirty blonde hair so I used 8N cuz i didn’t wanna go super light and stay kinda natural.The product itself is great to use, even though the smell knocked me out at first! Even in a bathroom with an open window and normal light fan. The foam does not drip at all (they say it won’t foam if you only tilt 5 times, it drips if you shake or mix more) comes out great and workable and rinses out well. The conditioner is great too, nice healthy hair after i dried it out. Only thing is my hair has a slight reddish strawberry blonde tinge to it on my roots, and the rest looks like the box color on the front. I’, guessing this is because I have a fair amount of red in my hair and it brought it out. I only did this last night so i’m hoping it will lighten with washing and some sun and highlight heat treatments. Coulda been worse but if you have natural red in your hair i’d go the extra 10 min for roots for a full 30min, cuz i did 20 for all over color.Very good product though in my book

  • Miranda
    Posted at 00:20h, 23 July

    let me clarify, they say it WILL FOAM GREAT if you only tilt 5 times and DON”T shake. i did that and worked great. If you let it sit it won’t foam too btw.

  • Angela
    Posted at 02:32h, 18 July

    I got my hair done at a cosmetology school last. It is a dark medium brown with chunky platnuim blonde highlights. It wasn’t done correctly as the highlights are way to wide and uneven. I want to go a dark brown with red in it so when the sun hits it you will see the red. What color do you recommend I use to established that? By the way my true hair color is dark brown (no red) and gray is showing when it grows out. I am 38. Please email me.

  • maureen voce
    Posted at 12:20h, 29 September

    i dryed my hair last nite and its gone like wire
    please someone HELP ME i been using this hair dryed for about six years now and never had this problem

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