(Review, After Photos) Pureology ColourStylist Styling Line: AntiBreakage Twist, 24 Hour Shaping Lotion

(Review, After Photos) Pureology ColourStylist Styling Line: AntiBreakage Twist, 24 Hour Shaping Lotion

I have a history now with Pureology as their products were one of the first I ever reviewed for this site. I still use their Pure4Platimum products as they have made my salon visits less frequent due to their AntiFade Complex ®. I am positive my colorist is not thrilled with this but I am very proud to prolong the visits by at least two weeks. Saves me money for sure!

Pureology added two new texturizing products to the ColourStylist Styling Line and I got to sample the New AntiBreakage Twist and the New IlluminatingCurl 24 Hour Shaping Lotion.

Pureology ColourStylist Styling Line

Pureology ColourStylist Styling Line

Both products are made for color treated hair and are free of petrolatum and mineral oil. These also feature Pureology’s exclusive StrengtheningAntiFadeComplex ® that is enhanced with protein to provide strength and protect the color from the sun’s rays and environmental damage. Like some of the other products I had tested before, the smell of coriander is distinctive in these two as well. As soon as the product pumped out of the top of the AntiBreakage Twist, I smelled the familiar scent. It releases its paste-like product in small sections  The top of the bottle acts as a product/paste cutter and I used about three to five small sections on my shoulder length hair. It really added texture and shine when applied to my dry hair. I was able to get more defined curls and the shine seemed to highlight my color better.

Pureology ColourStylist Styling Line


After my shower, I washed my hair and put in a few dollops of the IlluminatingCurl 24 Hour Shaping Lotion. This product also defined my waves and the Coriander extract left my hair looking polished and vibrant. This product has a totally different texture than the  paste like feel of the AntibreakageTwist. It’s a lightweight lotion that you can leave in to air dry your curls or use a diffuser. I like it’s lightweight feel and ease of use. It doesn’t dry crunchy like some other products I have used in the past. No “wet” look here, just well defined curls and waves. I am very pleased to add these two products to my daily routine.

Both products retail for $ 24.00 and can be found in fine salons. Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. For more information visit Pureology.com, become a Pureology facebook fan or follow them on twitter @Pureologytweet.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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  • Angela Barnes
    Posted at 12:37h, 20 October

    Pureology Products are the greatest, they make my hair feel so soft and smooth and it just takes a little drop on the palm of my hand, where other products takes a lot more to do the job correctly. I love this stuff.

  • Nicole
    Posted at 12:40h, 20 October

    Thank you Angela for your feedback, I agree!

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