Pantene’s New Customized Pro-V Solutions; and Two Amazing Surprises & Review

Pantene’s New Customized Pro-V Solutions; and Two Amazing Surprises & Review

A very interesting survey conducted by Pantene Pro-V (conducted in January 2010) showed that 57% of women all over the nation valued getting great hair over upping their IQ by 10 points. And 91% of women said they had a problem with their hair, but did not know how to quite combat the issues.

Great hair over IQ? An astonishing find indeed. Almost Guinness Book worthy.

The survey also found women were late to work or school because they were struggling with their hair. Now, do we need a Haircare Bill passed to settle this phenomenon?

Pantene may well have created a cult classic years ago when they introduced their famous Shampoo and Conditioner combo and their Pro-V line. Don’t you feel as though it were just a stone’s throw from yesterday?

But creating ripples and revolutionary haircare still seems to be very much alive and throbbing in the brand’s R&D labs. Their new Customized Solution line has hit the shelves of every mass market store with their pretty and vividly packaged bottles. Surely, you’ve noticed them?

The new line addresses:

Fine Hair: the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions tackles wispiness with three versions (Flat to Volume; Dry to Moisturized; Fragile to Strong)

Thick Hair: the Pantene Pro-V Medium Thick Hair Solutions comes in four versions (frizzy to smooth; breakage to strength; dry to moisturized)

Curly Hair: The two options for this hair type are Curly to Straight and Dry to Moisturized

Colored Hair: there are SIX versions of this line (Color Preserve Shine; Volume; Smooth; Blonde Expressions; Highlighting Expressions; Brunette Expressions)

Why This? Why Now?

When I went to this product launch, I had the good fortune to hear Pantene’s Celebrity Stylist, Danilo, talk about how Pantene Pro-V scientists gathered an almost Ph.D understanding of the physical and chemical properties of our hair structure.

I was personally styled and coiffed with the Pantene Pro-V Medium Thick Hair shampoo and conditioner and all I could do was let my hair sing for joy. I seriously cherish the silky texture of my hair post wash, and the ever faint trace of fragrance left on my strands. My hair feels as though it was wooed.

Can you experience this dream? YES! We are giving away FOUR SETS (one of each line) to lucky winners.

In addition, we are giving one very special NYC based reader to win a hair consultation and blowout with Celebrity Stylist Danilo. His clients have included Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani to name a few. The winner will get a full fledged consultation and blowout at a New York Salon.

How do you win these incredible prizes? Simply share with us your fave Pantene hair experience and the name of the celebrity whose hair you’d most like to rock.

Winners will be picked within the week. Good luck, and may your crowning glory be a magnificent mane.

– Charu Suri



  • WildCurls!
    Posted at 19:05h, 22 September

    I tried the new line, never having used the old one. I used the Fine Hair shampoo. It behaves like a clarifier. I think the “coating” people are experiencing is from the conditioning shampoos. Personally, I don’t mind my hair being “stripped” because I have crazy waves. I like to be different. While other girls are flat ironing their hair so it sticks to their cheeks, I let mine air dry and go nuts. I’m the only one in the room with wild-woman hair and I love it. But if the whole world decides to get a perm (mine is natural) then I guess I’ll have to straighten, since I hate blending in! My hair looks a little like SJP on Sex and the City, when she had the curls. BAH humbug for ironed-out, poker-straight locks. Thanks Pantene for scrubbing the junk out of my curls and letting them run free!

  • Melissa
    Posted at 02:45h, 28 February

    AWFUL!!! I am finding this and posting quite late but it’s because my supply of the old, old formula has diminished! I have tried each hair type of the new formula and all FAIL F! I’ve used the 2-1 shampoo/cond as well as the just shampoo. FILM FILM FILM! Made my hair so greasy and dull. I wish they would go back to the 90’s formuala. Does anyone know of a good substitute?

  • Tammy
    Posted at 10:14h, 25 March

    I have been a happy full time user of Full & Thick 2 in 1 for years. I HATE the new formula… you not only left me without at replacement to the Full & Thick but I have spent a fortune on the new line trying to find something that will work… well I give up… all the new formulas are horrible leave your hair feeling dirty and like straw… will move on to another product. Hope you go broke Pantene until you bring back the old formula

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