2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands – Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands – Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Summer is almost here! And although we take great care in protecting our skin from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays all year round, the warmer months call for even more sun protection. Here at BeautyStat we’ve compiled a mega list of the best sunscreens for your face, body, lips and hands!

Formulas for dry, oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin, and also ones with anti-aging benefits, those made exclusively for children and some mineral-based with calming properties make the list. Whatever skin condition or type you have, there is bound to be a sunscreen here for you. Read on to see if any of your favorites (along with some brand-new additions) made the Top 30 Best Sunscreens list, or if you’ll be trying a new one this summer season!

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

The sunscreen brand NO-AD is synonymous with summer! I remember my aunt always having this in the yard, under towels and lawn chairs. It survived all summer (and sometimes multiple summers) in the backyard, amongst the seasonal conditions, in its durable, brightly colored colossal bottle.

Introduced in 1962, NO-AD is one of the oldest sun care companies in the United States. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, NO-AD Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45 ($8.47) makes the list! Containing avobenzone, aloe and vitamin E, this Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF)-recommended sunscreen is a non-greasy, fast drying and lightweight lotion that contains natural skin conditioners.

I was ready for this to be more on the heavy side, but, I was completely surprised at how light it was! There is no typical sunscreen smell that lingers on the skin either; it doesn’t leave a residue on the skin at all. I would use this on the body rather than my face though, since it does not claim to be oil-free.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

If you are worried about sunscreens breaking you out this summer, then John Masters Suncare SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen ($32.00) may be the one for you!

This mineral-based sunscreen is formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Ideal for all skin types, certified organic ingredients such as aloe vera , jojoba oil (moisturizes and restores natural pH balance to the skin), shea butter (hydrates) and green tea (antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties) make up this gentle and free of nano-particles sunscreen.

The hefty glass bottle houses a lot of product (2 fl. oz). Only a pea-sized amount will cover your entire face. It does feel like you have sunscreen on your face, producing a semi-matte finish. I would suggest using this as a moisturizer, though, for more oily skin. So, no need to get separate products, as the jojoba oil and shea butter will keep skin plump and hydrated.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

The king of summertime fun and easy-breezy living, Jimmy Buffet, has inspired a new line of sun care. As Buffet’s fans are endearingly called, “Parrot Heads” Sun & Skincare Research, LLC has come out with the Margaritaville Parrot Head Advanced Sun Care line.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

All Parrot Head products are enriched with a Aloe Hydrating Complex — the foundation for one of the most technically advanced moisturizing sun care lines available — that is ten times concentrated. Eco-certified and plant-derived Pentavitin and Zemea are added to the Aloe Hydrating Complex to deliver a smooth and deeply hydrating feel to skin. All Parrot Head products are also PABA-, paraban- and oxybenzone-free!

Parrot Head Fins Up! Sport SPF 30 Dry Feel Sunscreen Lotion ($11.99) — This sunscreen has WetSkin Tech technology that will allow you to be protected against all sport-affiliated odds: sweat, humidity and water. It is very moisturizing and didn’t feel like sunscreen. This is also great to use for city dwellers who want sun protection without the heavy feel. It also dries fast, bonding into skin which will not allow to run into eyes.

Parrot Head FinsUp! Sport SPF 30 Instant Dry Sunscreen Spray ($11.99) — Much like its lotion counterpart, this spray sunscreen holds the same WetSkin Tech technology. Fragrance-free, the formula bonds to skin leaving a non-greasy, matte finish. Although it did feel quite light on my skin, I still felt a sticky residue. If a gummy feel doesn’t bother, and you admire  spray sunscreens solely for their convenience and fast-acting application, then this will be a good choice.

Parrot Head “Floridays” Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50 & 30 Ultra Light ($11.99) — Moisturizing, ultra-light and non-greasy sum up this sunscreen perfectly. Meant for everday sun protection, deeply moisturizing olive squalane and vitamins A & E combat free radical damage. Gluten- and petroleum-free, it doesn’t leave a heavy coating on the skin, and, of course, can double as your daytime body moisturizer. This one had a much more tropical scent to it, and really got me jonsing for summer, baby!

Parrot Head “Floridays” Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF 50 ($2.79) — Jojoba and avocado lip energizers make this lip balm hydrating. Cooling menthol and cocoa butter allows this sunscreen lip balm to moisturize my lips, while protecting the delicate skin from burning. It’s scentless and feels very comfortable (not too thick) on the lips.

Parrot Head “Floridays” Face SPF 50 Ultra Light Sunscreen ($13.99) — Just like the body sunscreen, the “Floridays” formula meant for the face is oil-free, hypoallergenic and contains H2O Melon Skin Aging Defense. Not meant to be worn under makeup, but an ideal sunscreen for the beach, where you need the ultimate in sun protection. It goes on really white, but you need to blend it out well enough to have it sink in.

Parrot Head “License to Chill” Sunburn Relief ($8.99) — If you forgot or didn’t apply enough SPF (which is a big no-no!), then your best bet is applying some of this cooling aloe-enriched gel. The Aloe Hydrating Complex™ 1500 and Lidocaine offer instant pain relief from summertime burns. Now, let’s make sure to apply some sunscreen next time!

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

If chemical sunscreens aren’t your thing, then Sunology is the brand for you. Sunology is an FDA-approved, scientifically-advanced line combining three powerful skin-rejuvenating formulations including VitaOleféra™ Complex, which has natural vitamins A,C & E, antioxidants and omega 6 and Omega 9 oils; FSG Complex™, which is derived from nourishing soybean oil and acts to soften and smooth the skin and UV Micro Reflexion™ Technology, which creates a protective barrier on the skin; more than 10,000 “micro mirrors” are contained within a quarter-sized amount of any Sunology sunscreen.

SUNOLOGY® Sunscreen Lotion for Body SPF 50 ($14.99) — This body sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer (75% of the formulation is built wiht skin-softening emollients). There is virtually no smell and the cream melts right into skin. There is a little residue left on your skin, but if you like that moisturizing feeling, then this is for you.

SUNOLOGY® Sunscreen Crème for Face SPF 50 ($14.99) — A dime-size amount of this sunscreen for the face and neck is all it takes to protect yourself from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Fragrance-free, I found this one dlightly more dense it texture. It will be a great sunscreen for the fall and even the early spring months, but once summer hits and our skin is all oil, this wouldn’t be ideal. Great for those with year-round dry skin though!

SUNOLOGY® Sunscreen Lotion for Kids SPF 50 ($14.99) — This sunscreen formula is intended for the more active child, and absorbs better into their delicate skin than other chemical sunscreens. Water resistant for up to eighty minutes, a nickel-size amount will cover the face, neck and arms. It’s very moisturizing and emollient, but, when it comes to a child’s skin, it needs all the protection it can take.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

SUNOLOGY® Sunscreen Sport Stick SPF 35 ($14.99) — Enriched with Ferulic Acid/Soy Complex to help improve the look and feel of skin, this stick form is ideal for protecting the face, ears, lips and forehead. I also like to apply it on my hands to avoid any premature signs of sun spots or aging. It comes out a little white, but once it is blended in it remains undetectable; it’s not too greasy either.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion


Neutrogena has come out with its New Beach Defense Water + Sun Barrier Sprays and Lotions for the summer. Containing its popular Helioplex Technology, these brightly packaged sunscreens will have you reaching for the bottle/spray every eighty minutes! It defends against signs of water damage with beach strength UVA/UVB protection.

Beach Defense Water + Sun Barrier Lotion SPF 30 & 70 ($8.49 – $9.49) — The lotions are very light and non-greasy. I love the scent, too! It smells just like the beach, but is a little more understated: fresh and clean. It really doesn’t smell like sunscreen, just a light fragrance. They are also oil- and PABA-free.

Beach Defense Water + Sun Barrier Spray SPF 30 & 70 ($8.49 – $9.49)  — I can’t believe how fast-absorbing and non-greasy these spray sunscreens are! Neutrogena continues to produce some of the best sunscreens on the market today. You don’t even feel it on your skin. I can’t wait to use this at the beach this summer! And, again, the scent is to die for.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Bona Clara is an age-specific skincare line with formulations that target the biological changes that happen to women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s+. Bona Clara has introduced a sunscreen that every age can use, and probably one of my favorite facial sunscreens this season!

Hello, Sunshine! Universal Fluid SPF 29 ($40.00) — This extremely liquid foundation is extracted using a dropper. 10-12 drops applied evenly to the face will protect against sunburn, discoloration, cell damage, dryness and premature signs of aging. I have acne-prone skin, so this is the PERFECT sunscreen for me. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, GMOs or pthalates, its virtually weightless consistency  is very watery; it sinks right into the skin while creating an invisible shield. No stickiness or a strong fragrance. Love it!

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Ocean Potion offers dry-feel formulas that are fortified with vitamin D3, nourishing skin with every application. Topically applied vitamin D3 delivers benefits directly to the skin, preserving a youthful appearance.

Ocean Potion Instant Dry 30 Mist Water Sport Sunscreen ($6.67) — Also containing WetSkin Technology, this sunscreen had me at its scent: orange-vanilla! It smelled like a creamsicle. I could feel a little tackiness on my skin, but this will be ideal for the beach.

Ocean Potion Instant Dry 50 + Mist Anti Skin Aging Sunscreen ($8.99) — Same as the Water Sport Dry Mist, I could feel that I had on sunscreen, but it wasn’t greasy at all. The scent is amazing and the fact that a 1 oz application delivers 200 IUs of vitamin D3 makes me very happy!

Ocean Potion WetSkin Tech Water Sport 50+ Sunscreen ($8.99) — Ocean Potions’ WetSkin technology is a super-repellent polymer providing the ultimate in water resistance and lasting sun protection. It is a light lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin. Paraben- and oxybenzone-free, this sunscreen doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, which will make you want to reapply after eighty minutes of intense water activity.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Ocean Potion Instant Dry 50+ Dab-On SpotStick ($4.99) — Now this is probably one of the most exciting items from Ocean Potion. The Dab-On SpotStick is a portable way of protecting hard-to-reach areas like nose, ears and scalp. It is clear, fragrance-free, non-greasy and can be worn under makeup. I did detect a slight alcohol smell, but it dissipates very quickly. This is great to carry in your beach or handbag!

Ocean Potion Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion Sunscreen SPF 45 ($4.99) — I thought I was going to have a stark white face when I applied this zinc oxide-fortified sunscreen. I couldn’t be more wrong! It applies white, at first, but blends into skin smoothly (and absolutely clear!). Hypoallergenic and oil-free, this won’t clog pores… so slap some on now!

Ocean Potion Moisturizing Lip Potion SPF 45 ($1.99) — Never forget those lips! Infused with aloe vera, this lip balm has that yummy orange-vanilla scent. It has a typical thick, balmy consistency that most lip balms have that contain a high level of SPF, but, its saving grace is the fact that avobenzone is in the formula for great year-round use.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Bull Frog sunscreens were invented for surfers back in 1985, so, you know you are going to get some great sun protection! It was also the first suncare brand to provide durable, water resistant protection.

Bull Frog Water Armor Sport 50 + InstaCool Continuous Spray Sunscreen ($9.99) — Soothing menthyl lactate cools skin right on contact. Its super-fine mist evenly distributes the sunscreen and doesn’t need to be rubbed in! Vitamin E and aloe nourish the skin while providing a high level of sun protection. My brother used this sunscreen while he was doing some yard work. He loved the fact that he didn’t have to waster time rubbing it in, and loved the instant cool feeling. No burns at all!

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion


B. Kamins is a comprehensive product line for both women and men focusing on a range of skin conditions including aging, sensitive, menopause, acne, eczema, problematic, extra dry, and every day skin types. But there are two products you’ll be wanting to try this summer!

B. Kamins Sun Defense SPF 30 (formerly sold as Sunbar SPF30; $36.00) — This fragrance- and oil-free sunscreen is intended for both face and body. Ideal for sensitive skin, this non-greasy, water-resistant, antioxidant formula feels fresh and clean. Its light pink coloring blends into skin to provide adequate sun protection. It’s oil-free, so this will be great for even acne-prone skin.

B. Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 ($19.00) — Maple and softening essential oils help to repair chapped, sore lips, and  helps to prevent the breakout of lip sores. I loved the moisturizing texture of this balm (which can also be used on the eye area) — thick, but not clumpy. This would be great to wear underneath or over lipstick/gloss this summer season.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

You know the doctors over at Rodan + Fields are going to offer some great sun care products, regardless of the season. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have developed a line of sun care products that not only provide broad spectrum protection from UV rays, but are targeted to provide solutions to specific skincare concerns.

“Our patients often report that they don’t use sunscreen because it ether makes their skin feel hot and itchy, interferes with their makeup, runs into their eyes, feels too thick and chalky to apply or is just plain uncomfortable on their skin,” said Dr. Rodan

“The problem is that many people are just using the wrong sunscreen for their needs,” continued Dr. Fields. “With the increasing incidence of skin cancer we are seeing each year, it is crucial that everyone find a product she will use every day of the year. Compliance is key, because sunscreens only work if you wear them.”

Essentials SPF 30  Body Sunscreen ($24.00) — This non-sticky, non-whitening, water-resistant sunscreen is ideal for your entire body. It is very light and has a clean smell (not your typically sunscreen scent). It is rather thick in consistency, but, once you apply it and rub it on your skin, it sinks right in. It actually feels like a body moisturizer!

Redefine Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30 ($43.00) — This is a great item to protect the back of our hands from sun and environmental damage; it locks in moisture while reducing discoloration. It feels very emollient on the skin. I just applied it directly on the backs of my hands and rubbed it in a little — that’s it! I would also wear this before you get a gel manicure, in between fingers too, to protect your skin from the UV lighting.

Redefine Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 ($80.00) — This is a sunscreen for the multi-tasker! Not only does it provide broad spectrum SPF 30, it doubles as your moisturizer as well. Visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevent new ones from coming with a clinically-proven dose of corrective peptides. It has a very light scent and dries to a near-matte finish.

Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 ($41.00) — I really love this one! If you have sensitive skin, then this is the sunscreen for you. The only mineral-based sunscreen in the Rodan+Fields line, it keeps the skin’s surface cooler, minimizing the appearance of facial redness. This formula really did calm my acne-prone skin in the morning, and did not cause any irritation whatsoever. It also gave me a healthy, hydrated glow!

Essentials Lip Shield SPF 25 ($16.00) — Containing two full-size lip balms, jojoba seed and tea tree oil soothe and moisturize skin with a high dose of SPF 25 to keep lips protected. It is very creamy and moisturizing — a little goes a long way on your lips. I could almost feel the essential oils penetrate into my lips, making them smoother and more supple.

2013 Review: Top 30 Best SPF Sunscreens For Face, Body, Lips, Hands - Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Ocean Potion

Ah, Aveeno! Can they do no wrong? This summer Aveeno has launched their New Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreens ($9.99). With a broad spectrum SPF of 30 and 50, this sunscreen lotion helps reverse skin dehydration caused by sun, chlorine, sweat and salt water while offering broad spectrum coverage exceeding FDA standards. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate has been shown to reduce water loss by providing 50% more hydration than the leading competitive sunscreen, keeping skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.

ENVIROGUARD™ technology provides photo-stable, broad-spectrum coverage to protect skin  against the sun’s damaging effects, while ACTIVE NATURALS(R) OAT works to replenish the skin barrier compromised by dehydration. With skin-soothing ACTIVE NATURALS(R) Oat, this sunscreen is also sweat- and water-resistant; it is also oil-free, fast-absorbing and non-comedogenic.

I loved how quickly it absorbed into my skin,  feeling like more of a body moisturizer than a sunscreen. It has such a sweet and light scent — I won’t mind putting this on my skin every morning and afternoon. It isn’t sticky at all, leaving a thin layer of the sunscreen that won’t cause any irritation to the skin.


Sun Bum Face Stick

Trust the bum! Sun Bum was created in 2010 in Cocoa Beach, Florida to provide a line of sun care to those who, well, love to worship the sun. Approved and recommended by the SCF, Sun Bum has released a mineral-based sunscreen face stick and their addicting (and incredibly delicious-smelling) line of Lip Balms! Can you really resist that smug monkey mug found on all of their products? I can’t!

Sun Bum PRO SPF 30 Face Stick Premium Endurance Sunscreen ($14.99) — This face stick is guaranteed to never bleed into your eyes, make hands slippery and won’t come off your skin even in the blazing hot sun, voracious winds or water. Hypoallergenic, vitamin E-enriched, oil- and paraben-free, this face stick applies adequate amounts of sun protection to your entire face. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy either, so applying sun screen has never been easier.

I would advise using this first thing in the morning, and, if you want to reapply, wash your face first so you don’t contaminate the stick with dirt and oil from the day.

I really love this and can’t wait to bust it out on the beach!

Sun Bum lip sunscreen

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm ($3.99 each) — Protecting your lips from UVA/UVB rays has never tasted so good!(?) I am not a fan of flavor-infused lip products, but these are an exception. Sometimes, lip balms with high levels of sun protection are too heavy or goopy, but, these Sun Bum Lip Balms are light and emollient!

Containing coca butter, aloe vera and petrochemical-free, lips are nourished with beneficial ingredients and are available in six lickable and summery flavors: Banana, Coconut, Key Lime, Mango, Pink Guava and Pomegranate. Pink Guava is my favorite — it tastes really sweet and the scent lingers on your lips all day!

Which sunscreen(s) will you be trying this summer? Which one would work for you and your skin type? Let us know by commenting below (you just might win a free sample)! Make sure to check out our Pinterest page by clicking HERE! And don’t forget to get the latest beauty and skincare news by following us on Twitter @BeautyStat!

– Theresa Romano

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