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Review, How, To, Speed, Up, Your, Hair, Drying, Time, With, White, Sands, Hooded, Dryer, Attachment, &, Bantu, Knots

Review: How To Speed Up Your Hair Drying Time With White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment & Bantu Knots


Review: How To Speed Up Your Hair Drying Time With White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment & Bantu Knots

Hi, beauties! If your hair is thick like mine, then you know that waiting for your hair to air-dry can take for-ev-errrrrr. I’ve tried hooded dryers in the past, but they were too clunky or just didn’t seem to work at all.

How To Style Your Hair Without Damage: Best Heat Styling Tools/Products To Prevent Frizzy, Dry, Brittle Hair

I gave the White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment a try and I was very pleased with my results! Full Disclosure: My hair wasn’t totally wet when I put the hood on, because I figured my hair would look better if I started with only slightly damp hair.Review: How To Speed Up Your Hair Drying Time With White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment & Bantu Knots

Here’s what the attachment looks like when it comes out of the pack: It’s very lightweight, yet durable. The elastic opening fit easily and sung on my Revlon dryer (which I’ve had since college and still LOVE it.)Review: How To Speed Up Your Hair Drying Time With White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment & Bantu Knots

Once I turned the dryer on, the hood inflated like this! It got really hot under there super-fast, so I ended up turning the temperature on my dryer down from high to medium, which was much more comfortable.

I placed my hair in bantu knots that were slightly damp. It took a total of 15-minutes for my hair to feel totally dry in the bantu knots, which is much less time than it would have taken had I let them air-dry. That’s usually a 1-hour (or more!) process for my hair to air-dry properly, so I LOVED having the convenience of the White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment!

Review: How To Speed Up Your Hair Drying Time With White Sands Hooded Dryer Attachment & Bantu Knots

Hair is all dry! I ended up leaving the knots in overnight and the next day, threw my hair into a high puff which was perfect! The Hooded Dryer Attachment is available also at www.whitesandsproducts.com.

Have you beauties ever used an attachment dryer before? Would you give it a shot?

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– Nicole Marie Melton | Follow Nicole on Twitter @NicoleMMelton

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Announcing Winners of L’Oreal Magic Smooth Makeup, Unblemish Acne & More Makeup & Fragrance Giveaways


happy faces because they won free beauty product samples

We here at BeautyStat have promised to give you the chance to win the hottest new beauty products to hit the market, and we are aiming to please. So without further adieu, below are the first set of winners for 2011 (winners chosen by random number generator).

And the winners of the Review & Giveaway: L’Oreal Paris’ New Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup

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Winners, please reply back to us by end of day, Friday February 4th to claim your winnings.

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(Giveaway & Review) NAIR Debuts New Milk & Honey Roll-On Sugar Wax, Cool Gel, Men’s Depilatory


Ah, the days of warmth may be around the corner, but we sure can’t see them yet. If you’re snowed in or iced in, take comfort in Punxsutawney Phil’s early prediction of spring. We sure hope he’s right!

Recently, we’ve been taking comfort in the fact that we can be beautifully prepared for spring, and this means our flawless, hairless arms, legs and bikini areas.

We’ve been a tad obsessed with Nair of late, primarily because we love to shower. Agreed, that razors are everywhere and very convenient, but you might be into these latest launches from Nair:

Milk & Honey Roll-On Sugar Wax

Nair Roll On Wax

This ergonomically-friendly roll-on is filled with sugar wax that smells like milk and honey extracts. It was inspired by the beauty ritual of Mediterranean women. You need to microwave it for a few seconds (no more than 15), and spread it on your arms and legs, and it comes with 10 cloth strips for easy peel off. $9.49.

Nair Cool Gel

Nair Cool Gel

This is perfect for the summer months, especially when you vacation in the tropics (or are fortunate enough to live in Florida). The brand’s first translucent depilatory gel, it leaves behind a clean scent. It’s almost unisex friendly!$6.99

We loved this sensation (although it did leave our skin all tingly at first), and it woke our skin up like our morning coffee. That’s pretty good, in our books!

Nair’s Depilatory for Men: Nair for Men Shower Power

Nair for Men

I know what you’re thinking, but erase that image of the Forty-Year Old Virgin from your head instantly! There are men who want to be manscaped, people. And Nair is coming to their rescue with their new Men Shower Power tube with a sponge. It works in three minutes and is also effective on thick and coarse hair (no, please don’t try this on your dog). $6.99

Other Nair for Men products include a spray, and a body cream.

As though these new introductions were not enough, you can also find the new Silky Sensation Sensitive Formula tubes in your drugstore aisle. The dual moisturizing band is unmistakable, and the formula comes in two fresh scents with Kiwi and Vitamin C extracts, and Pomegranate and Soy extracts.

And while you’re busy checking out all these fun depilatories, why not “Bag the Blade” and take the Nair “Step Our Challenge”? The idea is to bag the blade (yup, toss the razor out…it’s old news) and use Nair for a week and see how well you do without any nicks, scrapes, cuts etc. Then, visit www.NairChallenge.com and share your story.

Note: these products won’t hit drugstore shelves until April, 2011.

BeautyStat wants to enable you with all the tools –GRATIS– to take the Nair Challenge. We are giving away ONE luxurious gift basket filled with all sorts of Nair goodies (including the products mentioned above) to a lucky winner. Yes, you’ll get the men’s depilatory too.

To enter, leave a comment below to tell us why you like depilatories over razors (or vice versa). Good luck!  Bonus points for posting this link on your Facebook wall.

- Charu Suri

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Unusual Primers: Fusion Beauty Anti-Acne and Redness Correcting – Product Review


There are primers and there are Primers. The ones of yesteryear are the colorless, lighter-than-souffle variety that’s chock full of silicones. They glide over your skin like contestants in Dancing with the Stars and prep your face for the canvas of your foundation.

But those primers are so 2010, girls.

Recently, we have been hooked like a cat to catnip on Fusion Beauty’s new quartet of highly-specific primers. These are corrective primers that address specific skin care needs:

The Anti-Redness primer is an extra gentle formula that subdues irritation and redness. It contains soothing peptides and algae. My skin gets extremely windburned during the winter, so this primer was like Angel Gabriel. It has a minty green shade that blends beautifully into the skin and leaves it very lightweight.


The Acne Control primer is a light mustard-colored primer that hydrates your skin beautifully. It contains Salicylic Acid and serves to unclog pores and address the sebum-causing bacteria. I have a bad case of adult-onset acne, and have been using this primer for over a week, and have started to notice visible results. It’s a must have for EVERY gal who has a little outbreak: use it once and you’re hooked. Trust me!

FusionBeauty Anti Acne Primer

There are two other targeted primers that we haven’t tried, but please tell us if you have. The Brightening Primer contains Chromabright and Licorice that combat photo aging; the Anti-Wrinkle primer contains Matrixyl 3000 and promises to reduce elasticity and combat wrinkles over time.

Each primer retails for $42 and I think ushers in a golden age for the old-school colorless primer. Now, mind you, I’m a huge fan of my Smashbox Photofinish and Illuminating Primers –I’m not going to lie — but I really think I’ve found my new staples.

It’s interesting that now primers are doing the job of skin correction that was typically the domain of foundation, eye cream and moisturizers. But remember we live in an age of double-duty products, so correcting primers represents a giant futuristic beauty leap.

After all, it’s the age of skinnovation, right?

Tell us, have you used these primers before? Would you go for these correcting primers?

- Charu Suri

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Review: New Redken Nature’s Rescue Haircare Line


Redken, one of our favorite haircare brands, has entered the sulfate-free haircare market with its new line Nature’s Rescue. It is the brand’s first sulfate-free and silicone-free line with water fresh fragrances.

The whole premise behind this line is one of cooling. The packaging also reflects this, with its cool blue tones and a picture of the breezy, balmy sea. It’s inviting and cooling at the same time.

The nutrient-rich sea algae complex has sea algae, aloe vera and soy protein to really moisturize the hair. These ingredients leave the hair nice and clean, with not too much of an oily or slick feeling. One of my absolute favorites in this line is the Refining Sea Polish which contains real pumice to exfoliate and remove impurities. It really feels like asteroids on your hair at first (the particles are THICK), but you know your strands are getting brushed and exfoliated, in a way. The result is an extraordinarily-clean feeling.

Redken Nature's Rescue

The Conditioner is cooling, almost like a masque. The Radiant Sea Spray lightweight and multifunctional that adds texture; it also contains time-touch fragrance capsule that burst and hydrate with oceanic scents.

There’s been some debate on the merits of sulfate-free haircare but the jury is still out on whether it works on color treated hair or not. I have virgin hair and am a bit loathe to color it, but I will take a silicone-free line any day because silicone leaves a residue on your strands that is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid off, and this makes the coloring process even more difficult and uneven.

I highly recommend this line, particularly for dry hair types. There’s a cooling and moisturizing component to this that’s perfect for spring and summer. Here is the order of product application:

  • Step 1: Detox with Nature’s Rescue Refreshing Detox Shampoo ($16)
  • Step 2: Refine with Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish ($19)
  • Step 3: Replenish with Nature’s Rescue Cooling Deep Conditioner ($17)
  • Step 4: Uplift with Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray ($17)

These products are available now at all Redken salons.

Tell us, do you like sulfate-free over regular shampoos? Have they made a difference to your hair?

- Charu Suri

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