Put a Tattoo on It: Beyonce to Launch Dereon Temporary Tattoo Kits Review


Beyonce and Tina Knowles have teamed up with Beyond Productions and Temptu to produce a limited edition collection of temporary tattoos under the Dereon label. The collection of body art was commissioned by Tina Knowles and is inspired by Beyonce. The collectible kit of temporary tattoos includes the exclusive designs and tattoo essentials used on set to achieve the “real tattoo” looks featured on Beyonce in the Dereon Fall 2010 campaign.

With “a 60’s pin-up girl meets futuristic biker-chick theme,” you’re sure to make an entrance, no matter where the venue. Available in three distinctive cases, each Collector’s Edition Kit features a unique set of coveted Beyonce photographs. This exclusive assortment of signature TEMPTU temporary tattoo ink transfers contains a variety of designs including signature Dereon fleur icons, rocker bolts and chains, monochromatic jewel baubles, and seductive spider designs. With proper application and care, each waterproof tattoo will last 2 to 5 days so you can wear your new body art until you want to take it off or switch it out for a new one.

The basic kits will retail for $16 and will be available online at sephora.com, temptu.com, and dereon.com beginning October 13, 2010. Kits will be available in Sephora stores in the US and Canada November 1.

The art of tattooing has been practiced since the 1700s, but this is after all the 21st century, so who wants indelible ink on skin? Tell us, would you channel this East Village, badass look, even for a day or two?

-By Elaine Hamilton

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2 thoughts on “Put a Tattoo on It: Beyonce to Launch Dereon Temporary Tattoo Kits Review

  1. frankie baby

    im not leaving a comment 2 win n e thing, im leaving this comment bcuz, i dont get ur point n making fake tatoos. who wears fake tatoos other than children? ummm no one. so y wld u want a child 2 wear a tattoo of u posing sexy on bikes & what not? smh… something dont add up. i wish i might buy my kids ur tattoos… beyonce, enuff is enuff, u have enuff doe, just stop it, u shld not b tryna corrupt our children with ya nonsense. & please stop popping up on the kid channels (nickelodeon)etc… stay ya sexy azz on the grown folk stations dayumn… doog day :)

  2. caragh welsh

    love beyonce, her music is with out a doubt inspirational, beautiful, and amazing. she’s allways full of grace and is truly out standing!, her and her mother’s fashion line is amazing, the company and effort! she’s my icon

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