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Expert Tips: How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish Manicure At-Home – Sally Hansen Removal

Expert Tips: How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish Manicure At-Home - Sally Hansen

We love gel manicures! But, we know that is can be a bit stubborn to remove easily. BeautyStat got in touch with Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador, Tracylee to help give us step-by-step instructions to remove our gel nails the proper way. No pulling, tugging or nail peeling with Tracylee ‘s tips! Read on to find out how to keep your nails healthy after your gel manicure has run its course.

6-Steps Salon Gel Polish Removal:

1. Using a nail file, file the free edges of the nail to break the seal of the gel. this will aid in a faster removal.

2. Coat skin surrounding fingers with a thick layer of vitamin E cuticle oil or hand cream. This will protect the skin, creating a barrier from the acetone, which can be a bit drying to the skin.

Expert Tips: How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish Manicure At-Home - Sally Hansen

Expert Tips: How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish Manicure At-Home - Sally Hansen
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3. Soak a cotton pad with pure acetone and place on top of gel polish.

4. Wrap a foil strip around the finger, which will hold  the cotton in place and help keep the removal process neat.

5. Check nail after 15-minutes. If there is still gel left on the nail, re-soak the cotton pad and re-wrap foil. Check again in another 5-minutes and the gel should be completely removed.

6. Once gel is removed, finish off with a hydrating manicure and you’re done!

Insta-Gel Strip Removal is done in a similar manner, except you can use either non-acetone remover with a soak time of 10-minutes OR acetone for a soak time of 5-minutes.


Always coat fingers with cuticle oil, balm or hand cream prior to soak-off.

Never pick, peel, buff or scrape the gel products off the nails! This will damage your nails, make them weak, thin and peel. Always allow enough time for complete removal. Let the remover do the the work for you — the product will come completely off the nail with no damage done.

A hydrating manicure right after the removal process will keep nails and skin perfectly hydrated.

Have you been removing your gel manicure the proper way? Let us know by commenting below, which will automatically be posted to our Community Forum (click here to check it out!) where you can find other beauty related discussions! Don’t forget to also submit a photo to our Photo Of The Day (click here!) feature, where a new photo will be picked daily. Your photo just might be selected, so get going!

– Tracylee, Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador, celebrity nail stylist, artist and industry expert, represented by Tim Howard Management



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  1. Great article so many people are ruining there nails with improper gel removal.

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