Win a FREE Box of Clairol’s “Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam”


Color fanatics, it may be your lucky week! Clairol’s new hair coloring product, Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam, can be yours for FREE if you give them a LIKE on their Facebook page. You’ll receive more information and be entered to win a coupon to get a free box.

Clairol Nice N Easy

Nice ‘N Easy is the company’s latest hair coloring kit, and as the name implies, it’s easier than making bread using a bread machine. We watched the video on how to apply this hair coloring product and it’s pretty simple:

a) Shake it (you’ll need to mix the ingredients in a clear plastic bottle that’s supplied in the kit);

b) Foam it;

c) Massage it into your hair as though you would your favorite shampoo;

d) Leave it for 25 minutes (sure, read a magazine or water the plants, or paint your nails), and then rinse off.

e) Marvel at your deep, rich hair color.

Clairol is giving away 25,000 boxes per day on their Facebook page from January 24th- 27th, while supplies last. Please enter directly on their Facebook page. Good luck!

Charu Suri

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5 thoughts on “Win a FREE Box of Clairol’s “Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam”

  1. maribel

    Sounds so easy when you could dye your hair and not have the product run all over your face! Don’t have a FB bummer! Thanks though

  2. Kimberly Ann Lowe

    Sweet, maybe I won’t get dots of hair color everywhere… even though I try to be extra careful, I always find a few on my vanity chair & floor. Think the foam would be a lot less “messy”…

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