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Review, B/A Photos: 5 Beauty Ways To Use NEW! Vita Coco Coconut Oil – DIY Scrub, Shaving Cream, MakeUp Remover, Oil Pulling, Lip Balm

There’s this one scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding that pretty much sums up my feelings on coconut oil. In case you haven’t seen it, Gus Portokalos, one of the film’s main characters uses Windex for everything from psoriasis to poison ivy. That folks, in a nutshell, is how I feel about coconut oil. […]

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Preview: MAC Hautecore Lipstick Available For One Day ONLY Online! True Matte Black Lipstick 2014, 2015

Go Hautecore this holiday season with MAC‘s cult Lipstick! M∙A∙C Hautecore makes a rare stealth cameo in a true black matte. Available exclusively online on December 16th, for one day only. Shop now: You can purchase all reviewed and mentioned items using our site,! Will you be putting this matte black lip shade in your virtual shopping […]

Review, B/A Photos, Ingredients: NEW! Benzac Acne Solutions Sincare Line Uses East Indian Sandalwood Oil To Soothe, Reduce Redness, Antibacterial Properties

Review, B/A Photos, Ingredients: NEW! Benzac Acne Solutions Skincare Line Uses East Indian Sandalwood Oil To Soothe, Reduce Redness, Antibacterial Properties

A new acne skincare line is coming, beauties! Galderma, the maker of Cetaphil and the #1 prescription topical acne brand, helped develop Benzac as an over-the-counter regimen with proven, acne fighting ingredients, launching at the end of the year (12/29/14). Treat Your Pimple/Zit Regimen Like A Cocktail! Mix! Stir! Repeat! 11 Best Acne Cleansers, Toners, […]

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Beauty News Review: How To Keep Clothes As Soft As Your Skin, Downy Debuts Rip Your Clothes On Campaign

Have you seen the latest Downy commercial? Thankfully it’s so cold outside, because this commercial is steamy! Downy proves that ripping your cloths ON is sexier, allowing you and you loved one to snuggle up and enjoy the cushion-y softness of your winter clothes. 7 Best Spa, Body Care Products To Upgrade Your Fall/Winter Skincare […]

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Review, B/A Photos: L’Oréal Professionel INOA Carmilane Red Hair Color At Ted Gibson Salon NYC! How To Maintain The Shine, Vibrancy Of Red Hair

I have been a redhead for most of my life. And as any redhead will tell you, it’s the hardest color to keep and change. The biggest complaint I and many other boxed redheads have is color-fading. Color looks fabulous for a week or two, then, POOF! It turns brassy and looks tarnished. Ted Gibson […]