Preview, Photos: Dior Golden Winter Makeup Collection, Couture Palettes & Sets For Holiday 2014

Lips pop in shades of vibrant red coated with sheer, gold-infused tones and eyes simmer with iridescent and metallic shades of gold, blue gray and bronze. The limited-edition Diorific Golden Shock Lipcolor is an ingenious new concept that features two finishes of deep red in one lipstick. One side offers a bold matte finish, while the […]

Review, Swatches: Celebrate Pixi Beauty’s 15th Anniversary With New Crystal Champagne Nail Polish Colour!

Before I had the blessed opportunity to try new products every day, Pixi Beauty was my go-to beauty brand of choice. It’s bright and fun line of goodies always helped me put on a brave face. Plus, it always gave me an excuse to hop on over to my local Target, which is never really a […]

Best Skincare Ingredient Review: Black Pine Extract Contains Polyphenol Antioxidants For Anti-Aging Benefits – How It Works

With so many products out on the market today, you might not know EXACTLY how each and every anti-aging, brightening, hydrating, powerhouse blend of ingredients work. Never fear! BeautyStat is here to help you better understand some of the most important and good-for-your-skin ingredients out today. But right now, we’re talking about Black Pine Extract […]

Preview, Swatches: #FF Flashback Friday ’90s Revival With Jane Cosmetics – Satin Split Stick, Blushing Bronze Duo, Shimmering Suede Shadow, Crushed Velvet Volumizing Mascara

For girly girls that came of age in the late ’90s, beauty was defined by teen mags like All About You, CosmoGIRL, and YM. We didn’t have YouTube gurus to show us how to use eyeliner and under eye concealer, and I spent hours locked in my room with stacks of magazines and Britney Spears […]

B/A Photos, Review: How To Organize Your Beauty Product, Makeup Clutter With The Smart Tray – For More Bathroom Counter Space

I just love those late-night infomercials. You know the ones where women seem to be unlikely overwhelmed by a dirty bathroom, incredibly difficult to open tubberware and have an inability to cut an onion without taking off one of their fingers. Those are a little extreme when it comes to elaborating on common household problems. […]